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20th Anniversary Tour
Silkroad Ensemble
Heroes Take Their Stands

Tuesday, April 30, 2019 8:00PM

<i>20th Anniversary Tour</i><br>Silkroad Ensemble<br>Heroes Take Their Stands

Segerstrom Hall

Silkroad Ensemble

Part of the Eclectic Orange Series, sponsored by Judith and Howard Jelinek

Siavosh in Touran: Farewell to his Wife & Horse
(inspired by illustration found in manuscripts of the Persian epic Shahnameh and composed by Kayhan Kalhor)
Arjuna at Kuru: Discourse with Lord Krishna
(inspired by the Bhagavad Gita and composed by Colin Jacobsen)
Dou E at Chuzhou
(based on the Yuan Dynasty play Snow in Midsummer and composed by Zhao Lin)
(written by Pauchi Sasaki and based on the Oresteia)
A piece inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s address to Holt Street Baptist Church in 1955
(composed by Jason Moran)

Since its founding by cellist Yo-Yo Ma, the Silkroad Ensemble has been redefining classical music for 21st-century audiences. Celebratings its 20th anniversary this season, the group has been called “vibrant and virtuosic” by the Wall Street Journal, “one of the 21st century’s great ensembles” by the Vancouver Sun, and a “roving musical laboratory without walls” by the Boston Globe.

In engaging, high-energy performances, the Silkroad Ensemble draws on a rich tapestry of traditions that make up our shared cultural heritage, creating a new musical language—a uniquely engaging and accessible encounter between the foreign and the familiar that reflects our many-layered contemporary identities.

Representing a global array of cultures, Silkroad Ensemble performers and composers hail from more than 20 countries. Passionate about learning from one another’s traditions, these rooted explorers perform on instruments ranging from world percussion to Western strings to the Chinese pipa (lute) and sheng (mouth organ), the Japanese shakuhachi (bamboo flute), the Galician gaita (bagpipe), Indian tabla (paired drums), and Persian kamancheh (spike fiddle), among others.